Reggae Jazz Night – October 14th (6pm-11pm)

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Brought to you by The Timmins Museum: NEC & the Timmins Symphony Orchestra.

Where: The Days Inn

October 14, 2016, 6pm-11pm

Join us for a fabulous evening with two-time Juno-Awards nominee and Canadian Reggae Music Award winner Jason Wilson and his band.

Jason Wilson’s music has been described as “reggae-impressionism”, “jazzy-reggae” or even “post-reggae”.

While none of these quite cover it, Wilson’s art is, nevertheless, truly unique; it is a sound where reggae is freely brushed — not strictly detailed — allowing space on the canvass for wildly divergent inspirations to peek through.

In essence, Wilson combines reggae with the improvisational sensibility of jazz and then layers it with the storytelling quality of the Scottish folk tradition.

Tickets are $60 – available at the Museum.

Reggae Jazz Night in Timmins