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The Hollinger House, which recreates a 1930s miner’s home, and the prospector’s cabin are also open to the public. Tours are available when the museum is open, up to 30 minutes before closing.

Current Travelling Exhibit:

November 10th – December 4th , 2020 

BRAVO-Sud will be presenting a group show exhibition from French Ontario visual artists entitled À la croisée des chemins / Crossroads. The fifth and last stop of a provincial tour, this exhibition presented at the Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Center opens on Tuesday 10th of November and closes on Friday 4st of December inclusively.

À la croisée des chemins / Crossroads is a travelling group exhibition which promotes artistic and cultural products from francophone Ontario: its main concern is related to the creative process and how it affects identity. Twenty-two artists from BRAVO (Bureau des regroupements des artistes visuels de l’Ontario) create work through a fusion of modes of expression traditionally related to fine arts and arts and craft.

This exhibition not only targets an understanding of the creative process (relationship between fine art and arts and craft practices), it also targets an inquiry related to artistic identity. Through personal short videos by the artists, visitors will come to understand the challenge each one faced and comprehend that by embracing opportunities or crossroads to think, to make and to see differently, artists move toward authentic self-expression. This exhibition celebrates the artist’s sense of adventure and an openness to experience the new. The artists in this exhibition become models for those who dare re-invent themselves.

A catalog written in French containing English translations of the artists statements will be sold at 10$ a copy.

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