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The collection held by the Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre reflects the Centre’s statement of purpose:

a) to collect, preserve, research, house, exhibit and interpret those items which best reflect the history of Timmins and the region;

b) to collect, preserve, research, house, exhibit and interpret a collection of art work which best reflects the work of northeastern Ontario artists past and present.

At present, the collection consists of the following:

Art: works of art include oils, watercolours, mixed media, prints, steatite sculptures, clay sculptures, photographs and collage.

Archival: municipal records and assorted manuscripts, maps, positive transparencies, historic photographs and negatives, historic film footage, video cassettes, oral histories on tape.

Artifacts: archaeological specimens, textiles, tools and equipment, appliances, transportation and communication devices, furniture, mining equipment.

Mineral specimens: Costain Mineral Collection and the White Collection.

The museum acquired the Hollinger House in 2014. That collection consists of a number of household items from the 1930’s.