Feb-Apr 2017 – Kids Celebrate!

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February 04 to April 13, 2017

Travelling exhibition from the Canadian Museum of History
On display at the Timmins Museum
Target Audience: Children ages 5 to 12

Canadian Museum of History, photo S. Darby, IMG2014-0195-0009Dm

Eyes that sparkle at the sight of a Christmas tree, wooden dreidels spun at Hanukkah, brightly coloured costume parades to the sound of Caribbean music – there are so many ways to enjoy the spirit of various holidays. The exhibition Kids Celebrate! plunges young visitors into the midst of 12 celebrations that bring families together throughout the seasons in Canada’s many cultural communities.

Visiting classes will interact with the exhibition, discover new games, make new crafts and take on new roles in order to acquire knowledge about different traditions that are practiced within their communities. Students will identify similarities and differences among traditions and understand the global nature of celebrating.

Duration of visit: approx. 1 hour
Group size: max. 30 students
Tours are available in English and French

Download the teacher overview:

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